How To Immune Yourself against Acne!

Acne can have many causes, from stress to hormones, food and we can even add a hereditary component. If we look at one of the components in particular, stress and see how it causes acne…too much stress will help in the production of a hormone called cortisol and with the addition of this hormone, the body starts to produce more oil to the skin and this in turn will cause acne in the form of blackheads, white heads and pimples. It is not really important to know all the type and causes of acne, but it is important however to know how to guard against it.

Of the many causes of acne, there are at least two causes that everybody should be able to control. If we look at food for example, having a good diet is important for your health and also for your looks. Knowing that having a diet rich in greasy and junk food will do more harm than good to your health and looks and not to mention that can also start acne breakouts. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meat and fish will go a long way in keeping you healthy and beautiful. As far as stress is concerned, stress can play a major role in the development of acne as well. To keep your stress under control, try yoga, meditation and exercise regularly, at least three times a week and more if possible.

At the first sign of acne or pimples wash your face twice a day with a mild antibacterial soap. Try and be consistent and do the washing every day to avoid any chance of the acne coming back. Remember that acne is an infection in the pores of your skin, so you have to fight the bacteria off your face and body. For more complex cases of acne, a good number of doctors will tell you to use a benzoyl peroxide cream to control the bacteria build up and return to a cleaner skin. Use a solution not stronger than 5% to start with because the higher dosage ones can dry your skin. This medication can be found over the counter of any major drugstore in your area.

Water is good for you. Drink between four and eight glasses of water a day and that will help remove unnecessary toxins from your bloodstream. Most doctors and nutritionist will recommend this simple fix that is guaranteed to get rid of some of the bacteria from the inside out. If you don’t have fruits and vegetables in your diet, make sure to add them along with some amino acid. That will help to keep acne from forming and spreading. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week with a product that contains salicylic acid for good results. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin cells and allow for healthier and clearer skin to replace it.